FAQ’s on electrical rewiring

Does your home need rewiring and are you unsure of what the next steps are? Or are you unsure if you need an electrical rewire in general? We've answered the most frequently answered questions that our electricians get asked by our customers in the Worcester Park area! 

Q1) How do I know if my home needs rewiring?

There’s no easy way to tell if your home needs rewiring because older wires don't necessarily mean danger. However, here are a few questions to ask yourself…

  • Have the lights been flickering on and off, despite recently changing the light bulb?
  • Has your home been affected by flooding?
  • Are you moving into a new property and has the wiring been checked?
  • Have you spotted anything else unusual (e.g. burn marks on outlets, crackling/buzzing sounds, fuses blowing or electrical shocks)?

If you answered yes to any to these questions, you should contact our electricians to discuss if a home rewiring is the safest bet. Periodic inspections should be carried out roughly every ten years to check everything is still up to date and as safe as it should be. Avoiding a home rewiring can put you and your family at risk, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

We've previously written another blog so you can read about further signs to look out for to see if you need a house rewire.

Q2) How much does a house rewire cost? 

The cost of a house rewire depends on the extent of the wiring that needs to be replaced, the fittings and more importantly, the size of the house/premises. Our electricians in Worcester Park are more than happy to freely quote you for a house rewire so you can find out how much it's going to cost before we start. 

Q3) What can I expect from an electrical rewire?

There’s no way around it; getting your home rewired can be a long, intense process and can take several days to complete. While it will slightly disrupt your day to day lives for a short while, your home will be much safer once the process is complete and you shouldn’t need another house rewire for at least a couple of decades (providing the wiring is periodically tested and looked after). 

To minimise disruption, we keep you updated every step of the way and make sure we have a clear understanding of your needs. 

Q4) Can I partially rewire my home? 

Yes, you can part rewire a house, but it's best to make sure that the extent of the house rewire is documented so if you need to carry out work again in the future, you know where to start. However, in most cases it's not worth doing half a job! 

Q5) How should I prepare for my home rewiring?

Rewiring takes a lot of preparing for as it is such a big job. To begin with, you need to decide where you want your fittings/fixtures to be and if you want them changing at all. While we will offer advice on this, it is always a huge help to have cooperative clients that are able to explore potential options beforehand. 

Most furniture will need to be moved at some point in the process, so speak to your electrician to find out roughly when each room will be needed. We also recommend you pack away any valuable items, as the process tends to be messy and dusty.

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