Signs You Need an Electrical House Rewire

As with anything, the wiring in your home will slowly deteriorate through general wear and tear. If left, this can lead to serious consequences like electric shocks, electrical fires and in some cases, much worse. 

To reduce these risks, it is important to always remain one step ahead of the game. But what are the signs you should look out for?

Constant burning smell

If your home smells like burning and you can’t identify a source, it is likely to be related to your electrics. You should switch off your power at the circuit and call an electrician.

Discoloured switches

If your outlets or switches look discoloured or burnt, this indicates a loose connection or faulty wire and can result in electric shocks. This is a sign of something serious and should not be left to escalate.

Flickering lights

This could simply indicate your bulb is not properly screwed in, or could be a sign of some faulty wiring. Check the lightbulb and call an electrician if the problem remains.

Outlets becoming loose

If your outlets are hanging out of the wall to expose wires, they should be replaced or tightened by an electrician immediately, before the wires become damaged. 

Your wiring is aluminium

All home wiring should be copper, if it is aluminium then it should be replaced immediately. Aluminium has a much higher risk of overheating and starting a fire. If your wire casing has ‘AL’ written on it, this means it is aluminium. 

Electric shocks

If you have experienced an electric shock, even the slightest one, this is the biggest sign that something isn’t right. Electrical shocks should never be ignored, what may only feel minor for you can have a huge effect on someone else,  especially younger children. 

Old home

Homes built before the 1980's made use of old aluminium wiring, which as mentioned above is especially susceptible to fire. If your home was built before the 1980's and you're not sure if it has been rewired, get in touch so we can carry out a rewiring survey. 

Electricians based in South London

While it is simple enough to look for these warning signs, sometimes you don’t realise something is wrong until its too late. Here at AEI Electrical, our electricians offer full home inspections to check for any issues that may have occurred. We offer our electrical services across South London and Surrey including Sutton, Cheam, Banstead, Kingswood, Epsom, Tadworth and Wallington.

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