Easy Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bills

Saving money on your electricity bills isn’t as hard as you may think. We have found some of the best ways to lower your bills; everything from switching your supplier to switching your lightbulbs.

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Ways to Save Electricity Bills

Switch energy suppliers

If you have had the same energy supplier for the last 3 years, you may save yourself a considerable amount of money by looking elsewhere.  Approximately 60% of people are on a standard/default tariff (according to Ofgem), and this definitely is not the company’s cheapest option so, if this is you, you should look at other plans or companies. Some companies even offer a discount to customers that pay monthly via direct debit or those that use an online-only tariff with no paper bills. 

A lot of energy companies offer duel-fuel deals for customers wanting the same supplier for gas and electricity. However, to save yourself even more money, it is better to pay for them separately. This allows you to find the cheapest gas supplier and cheapest electricity supplier.

Switch to LED bulbs

LED bulbs might be slightly more expensive to buy than other lightbulbs, but they cost only £1.71 to run for a whole year and have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours. This is twenty-five times longer than traditional lightbulbs. LED bulbs are also the most efficient and by far the cheapest bulb long term. They pay for themselves very quickly, compared to other bulbs which may never pay for themselves in savings.

If you have already swapped to LED bulbs, remember to switch off all lights as you leave the room and pick the best sized bulb for the job.

Switch off electrical appliances

75 percent of the energy used by home electronics is consumed when they're turned off. Examples are electrical appliances including, televisions, game consoles, stereos, computers, kitchen appliances and anything that holds a time or other settings. When you're finished with them, make sure you turn them off. 

Lower your heating bills

13 percent of your home's electricity is used on heating water. You can lower this percentage by lowering the temperature on the heater to 130-140 degrees. You can also minimise usage of the boiler by: 

  • Windows - Use draught-proof strips around the window frame to cover any gaps. Always close the curtains at night to stop ay heat escaping.
  • Doors - Use draught-proof strips around the door frame. Attach a draft excluder to the bottom of all doors.
  • Fireplaces - Fill in or cover up your fireplace if you do not use it. This can be done with an inflatable pillow or a cap over the chimney pot.
  • Loft hatches - Use draught-proof foam to fill in any gaps.

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The Importance of Saving on Electricity Bills

Our daily lives are significantly impacted by electricity bills, both financially and environmentally. A more sustainable and affordable lifestyle might result from realising the value of cutting back on electricity costs. We'll discuss why reducing electricity costs is important for both people and society at large.

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Financial Savings

The financial gain that comes from cutting back on electricity costs is among the most obvious reasons to do so. You can considerably lower your monthly costs by adopting energy-efficient habits and using electricity sensibly. You can use the money you save on other necessities, investments, or even leisure pursuits, giving you more financial security and independence.

Environmental Impact

Using less electricity has a positive effect on the environment as well. The majority of power is produced from non-renewable resources like coal, oil, and natural gas, which raises air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We can reduce our carbon footprint, slow down climate change, and save the environment for future generations by consuming less electricity.

Energy Security

A nation's energy security is largely dependent on sustainable energy practises. By using power wisely and effectively, we lessen our reliance on limited fossil resources and cut down on the dangers of energy shortages or price swings. Enhancing our energy security and promoting energy future stability through investment in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies.

Long-term Savings

Energy-saving practises result in long-term savings in addition to immediate cash gains. Improved insulation, LED lighting, and the installation of energy-efficient appliances can all lower your property's long-term maintenance and replacement expenses. Additionally, houses that use less energy tend to hold their value better on the housing market, providing a long-term return on investment.

Community Impact

Saving money on electricity costs has significant effects for the community in addition to the individual. A reduction in overall energy consumption results from the adoption of energy-saving practises by a large number of people and organisations. This can reduce the load on regional power systems, improve grid stability, and even bring down community-wide electricity prices.

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