Consumer unit/fuseboard installs and upgrades in Worcester Park

Offering our consumer unit (fuseboard) installation and upgrade service across South London and Surrey, covering Sutton, Cheam, Banstead, Kingswood, Epsom, Tadworth, Wallington and Worcester Park. Please call our electricians on 020 3659 6351 to consult us about upgrading your consumer unit. 

What is a consumer unit?

A Consumer unit is the single most important electrical device in your home. It helps protect electrical appliances from damage and more importantly, protects everybody in the house from electrical shocks. 

Consumer unit installations & upgrades

If you're looking to improve your property and the safety of your home, why not consider upgrading your consumer unit? Start off by asking yourself these questions...

  • Is the wiring in your home more than twenty years old?
  • Is there a need to constantly replace fuse-wires or fuses when a fuse blows, rather than simply pressing the reset switch?
  • Is there an RCD protection device in your consumer unit?

If you have answered yes to the first two questions and no to the third, it is definitely worth considering upgrading your consumer unit.

Modern consumer units

Each consumer unit installation that we undertake requires individual design and configuration to ensure it properly protects the appliances and people in your home. 
Here at AEI Electrical, we install modern consumer units that come with RCD protection as standard, which measures the total outgoing current against the total incoming current. If the consumer unit notices that the current is different, it will quickly cut power to the two currents and prevent potentially threatening electric shocks. 
Get in touch with us so we can install a safe consumer unit in your home in Worcester Park. 

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