Electrical Heating Installation

We offer our electric heating services in Worcester park, Sutton, Cheam, Banstead, Kingswood, Epsom, Tadworth, Wallington and all surrounding areas. 

Electric boiler installation

Need an electric boiler installed in your home? AEI Electrical have got you covered. All of the electric boilers that we install are energy-efficient and built to last. 

Electric boilers are an ideal alternative for homes/flats that are disconnected from the main gas line and/or where oil is not a viable alternative. Additionally, electric boilers are a great substitute because they're cheaper to install/maintain and because they release no emissions, they're often considered to be a more environmentally friendly choice; great for homes looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Why Opt for Electrical Heating?

Let's look at the factors that have led to homeowners favouring electrical heating before we get into the installation procedure. Electrical heating systems offer a number of significant advantages over conventional heating techniques like gas or oil:


Electric heating systems don't emit any dangerous gases, making them a sustainable choice that also helps you lower your carbon impact.

Energy Efficiency

Modern electrical heating systems that use heat pumps are extremely energy-efficient since they turn a significant amount of electricity into heat.


Since electrical heating doesn't require fuel or flue upkeep, it can result in long-term cost savings, especially when combined with energy-saving features.


Electrical heating systems are available in a variety of configurations, including electric radiators, underfloor heating, and heat pumps, giving customers alternatives to fit different tastes and types of properties.

Electric boiler service & repair

It's essential to keep your electric boiler in top shape if you want to keep your house warm and cosy. Your boiler will run effectively, reducing energy waste and prolonging its lifespan with appropriate maintenance and repairs. Our skilled electricians will inspect and clean various components, look for leaks or other potential problems, and ensure that all safety features are working properly during an electric boiler service. By entrusting our knowledgeable electricians with the care of your electric boiler, you can feel secure knowing that any issues will be quickly found and fixed, avoiding potential breakdowns during the colder months and guaranteeing continuous heating for your house. To keep your boiler operating smoothly and effectively for years to come, schedule a service with us right away. Don't wait until it develops a serious problem.

Do not hesitate to contact our highly qualified electricians if you detect any unusual behaviour or believe there may be a problem with your electric boiler. They can perform quick and dependable repairs to get your boiler back to working properly. Not only can prompt repairs stop further damage, but they also spare you from potential safety risks and high energy costs. Our skilled electricians have the knowledge to quickly identify and resolve any problem, whether it be a broken thermostat, an odd noise, or a full breakdown, restoring warmth to your house in no time.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating is a modern and luxurious heating solution that brings comfort to any home. This cutting-edge technique includes placing heating elements right beneath the floor, spreading heat uniformly across the space. Electric underfloor heating, as opposed to conventional radiators, eliminates the need for large heating units on the walls, freeing up important space and giving your interiors a seamless visual appeal. With the possibility to configure multiple heating zones for various rooms, the system operates on electricity, which is practical and economical and enables you to adjust the temperature to fit personal tastes. Electric underfloor heating is a popular option for homes looking for a cosy and warm environment because of its energy-efficient nature and responsive controls.

Professional electricians with experience installing this kind of heating system are needed to install electric underfloor heating. They will evaluate the layout of your property, make the best underfloor heating recommendation, and assure a smooth installation procedure. The maintenance and use of the system will also be explained to you by electricians, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. Electric underfloor heating is a great pick for people looking for a top-notch heating experience for their house because of the opulent warmth it offers and the effective heat distribution.

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