Electrical rewiring in Worcester Park

We offer partial and complete rewiring across South London and Surrey, covering areas such as Sutton, Cheam, Banstead, Kingswood, Epsom, Tadworth, Wallington and Worcester Park. Call us on 020 3659 6351 or use the contact details outlined below. 

Electrical rewiring

Unfortunately, electrical wires deteriorate with age. If the wiring in your home has partially deteriorated or completely deteriorated, our home wiring service has got you covered. Whilst a full house rewire is a big project, our highly efficient electricians can rewire your home with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities. 

Including in our service is the rewiring and management of all cables, fittings, fixtures, consumer units and relevant earthing arrangements. 

electrical rewiring

Is your home due a rewire?

Check out the signs below to see if your home is due a rewire...

Age of the home

Properties built before the mid-1980's that haven't already had a rewire are likely to be due a rewire for two reasons. 

Modern-day earth cables were not widely available during the 1980's, which otherwise help reduce damage to electrical cables during power cuts/overloads. 

Properties built before the 1980's mostly used aluminium wiring as opposed to copper wiring, which is much more likely to catch fire. 

Consumer unit

Check the date on your consumer unit and see when the electrics were first installed. As above, if they were installed before the 1980's, it might be best to get in touch and chat to us about a rewire. Please note that the date might not include details about any rewires that have taken place since the installation.

Rewiring survey

This is the easiest way to determine whether or not your home needs a partial rewire, complete rewire or no rewire at all. We can carry out a full free survey and outline any future costings involved in rewiring your home, if required! 

The Importance of Electrical Rewiring

Maintaining a secure and effective electrical system necessitates electrical rewiring. Old wiring may deteriorate over time, posing risks including fires, short circuits, and electrical shocks. It's time to think about getting a thorough electrical rewiring service if your property has old or damaged wiring.

Signs You Need Electrical Rewiring

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

If your circuit breakers trip regularly or your fuses keep blowing out, it may be an indication of poor or overloaded wiring.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Outdated wiring may be to blame for flickering or dimming lights when utilising specific appliances.

Burning Odour or Scorch markings

Any burning odour or scorch markings near outlets or switches may indicate defective wiring and need to be fixed right away.

Warm or Discoloured Outlets

If the electrical outlets in your home feel warm to the touch or show signs of discoloration, there may be a problem with the wiring that runs behind those outlets.

Preparing Your Home for Electrical Rewiring

Rewiring your home's electrical system is a substantial project that needs careful planning and preparation. Making sure that your house is prepared for the rewiring procedure can aid in making the process go more smoothly and efficiently while minimising disturbances to your regular routine. The following fundamental actions are needed to get your house ready for electrical rewiring:

Consult a Professional Electrician

Prior to starting the rewiring project, get the advice of a licenced and skilled electrician. They will evaluate your current electrical setup, spot any potential problems, and offer insightful advice on the rewiring procedure.

Make a Rewiring Plan

Create a thorough rewiring plan with the assistance of your electrician. Establish the project's scope, including the regions of your home that will be impacted, the degree of rewiring needed, and the projected completion date.

Workspaces Should Be Clear

Make sure that any furniture, appliances, and other items are removed from the locations where electrical work will be done. The electricians will have enough space to work safely and effectively if these areas are cleared.

Household Members Should Be Aware

All family members, including kids and dogs, should be made aware of the impending rewiring project. During the rewiring process, talk about safety precautions and interim solutions including the usage of alternate power sources.

Turn Off Power and Unplug Appliances

Turn off your home's primary power supply before the electricians begin their job. To avoid any unintentional electrical shocks during the rewiring, you should also unplug all electrical equipment and appliances.

Secure Valuable and Fragile Goods

To prevent potential damage, properly keep any priceless or delicate goods out of the way of the regions that will be rewired.

Observe Safety Recommendations

Always follow the safety recommendations made by your electrician. Keep youngsters and pets away from the workplaces and refrain from accessing areas that are being rewired.

Keep informed

Throughout the job, keep the lines of communication open with your electrician. Ask questions, keep up with developments, and be aware of any revisions to the rewiring plan.

You can make sure that your home is appropriately ready for the electrical rewiring process by adhering to these instructions and consulting closely with your selected electrician. A good rewiring process can give you a safer and more effective electrical system for years to come by prioritising safety, having clear communication, and doing adequate planning.

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