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Are you looking for high-quality electrical services in Sutton? There is no need to look any further! AEI Electrical is your reliable partner for all of your electrical needs. 

We can provide EV charging locations, electrical installation condition reports (EICR), wiring services, and more. Contact us at 020 3659 6351 or 0791 4615 151 or email us at

Comprehensive Electrical Services Sutton

EV Charger Points Installation

Are you making the move to electric vehicles? We can assist you in making the move easier. Our skilled crew specialises in installing EV charging stations in your house or office. We will make certain that your charging station is secure, efficient, and ready to charge your electric vehicles.

Electrical Wiring

Our professional electricians can handle all elements of electrical wiring, from rewiring a single room to rewiring large houses. To assure the safety and operation of your electrical systems, we employ cutting-edge materials and processes.

Lighting Installations

With our lighting installation services, you may improve the ambience of your house. We can bring your concept to reality, whether you require energy-efficient LED lighting or unique lighting solutions.

Smart Home Installation

Transform your house into a smart, connected environment. Our professionals can install a variety of smart devices and systems, allowing you to easily control your home's lighting, security, and other features.

Common Problems of Electrical Wirings

Electrical wiring in houses can develop a variety of common issues over time. Among these concerns are:

Circuit Overloading

Too many appliances or equipment connected to a single circuit can overload it, resulting in overheating, tripped breakers, or even electrical fires.

Worn Insulation

Because of causes such as heat, age, or rats, the insulation around electrical wires can degrade with time, increasing the danger of exposed wires and potential electrical shocks.

Loose or Faulty Connections

Intermittent electricity, sparking, or electrical outages can result from loose or corroded connections at outlets, switches, or junction boxes.

Overheating Outlets

Outlets that become hot to the touch may signal a problem with the wiring or connections and should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid a fire.

Outdated Wiring

Older homes may have out-of-date wiring systems that do not match contemporary safety regulations, posing an increased risk of electrical dangers.

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